About Us

It all started with a snake plant...

Plant Splendor is a Washington based company that specializes in bringing basic and easy-care plants into new plant parent homes. With so much of society focusing on technology and pushing forward to the next “new” thing, we find it extremely important to appreciate what this earth has given us – Nature. 

Though it can be difficult for everyone to find time everyday to escape into the forest, the goal at Plant Splendor is to bring a little bit of flora into everyone’s homes. Studies suggest that plants can reduce feelings of anxiety or depression, boost air quality inside your house, and aid in concentration and memory. 

Plant ownership is also a very personal experience. Though the average house guest may be able to identify a plant and conclude whether it is healthy or not, chances are that they will not know your plants growth trajectory, its highs and lows, and your personal experience you have had with it. Taking care of a plant can be a poetic experience or a very casual one, but what we appreciate at Plant Splendor is that unique experience between each plant owner and their plants. 

We thank you for visiting our store today and hope you are able to see the splendor that we see in owning plants!



The P.S Team