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Joyful Dirt - Houseplant 3oz. Shaker

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  • ORGANIC - Concentrated, houseplant specific plant food. Shaker bottle for easy application on all green, leafy plants in your home.
  • EASY - One simple shake of Joyful Dirt onto soil on each side of the plant and water in. OR mix directly in watering can. Use once a month or as often as every watering for unhealthy plants
  • SAFE - for pets and kids.
  • CONTAINS - Mycorrhizae and other nutrients to help houseplants thrive and use less water.
  • GROWS - Noticeably more vibrant, larger houseplants. Our proprietary plant food will quickly produce visible results.
  • NPK - 3-1-2

*Please note, we will no longer be able to ship this fertilizer to California due to agricultural restrictions

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